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The Family in Decline? Families and Inequalities course

Buying More Time as a Woman: The Cost of Motherhood Families and Inequalities course

Protecting the Economic Right to Sustainability Human Rights and Global Politics course

A Cycle of Human Rights and Conflict Human Rights and Global Politics course

Regional Indigenous Rights, International Human Rights Violations International Human Rights course

Wal-Mart Rises in Price and Power Public Policy course

Why We Want to Reduce Poverty, Not Inequality Wealth and Poverty course

Where Human Rights Fails Human Rights Law course

The Structuration of Violence Peace Theory course (excerpt)

Third-World Country, First-World Hero Visual Communications course

Thailand’s Community Organization Developments Institute City and Regional Planning research publication (excerpt)

Access to Electrification in a Developing Nation: Why is there bad access for the people of Nepal? International and Area Studies Methods and Research course